This time I have news

Remember the headline I had last time? Well I have news. And it's not exactly good news. Well part of it is and part of it is not. 
Firstly I had my car stolen outside my very own house. And I had many things inside, bags and books mostly but they were very important to me. One book in particular is very important to me because it's the only present my grandpa gave me. You know they always just give you money. Especially grandpas, but this was from him and I really want to find it and buy it again. As a reminder at least. It was about fashion designers (from a-w I think). I also had many notes from fashion school. 
Well it happened and it was actually a brand new car. I only had it for 5 months and that pretty much has occupied my whole day. 

On Sunday we voted for the referendum and the result was NO. Still we have no idea what is going to happen in the next few months but at least other European countries and the foreign media now realise that this situation can not keep up for very much longer, which is very good for us. 
This past two weeks have been dreadful for the shops and restaurants.  

Second important issue of the day... Remember the company I told you about last week? Well I am going back on Thursday for a second interview!! Which is of course a very good thing!

I didn't do anything else pretty much. I did go jogging but i didn't go to the gym.... Yeah yeah I know, I have to go. I am eating a lot these days and I am just sitting around so I do understand the need to do something more for myself. 

I cannot seem to keep up with my promises. 

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