New Shoeeees


           These Christian Louboutin babys just arrived but they don't fit me :(( Now i have to sell them and order a new size. I JUST WANT A PAIR OF NEW SHOES FOR MY INNER BALANCE! :P  Pfff


Balmain my love

           Balmain will start a younger line, so you don't have to work for a year to buy a simple t-shirt (Grrrrrr).       The new line, named after Pierre Balmain (in honour of the great label's founder), will be out and about in spring/summer 2012 and a new team will be designing it.
           Pfff one more year in the waiting.


Louis Vuitton A/W 2011 campaign!

            That was quick! The Loui Vuitton campaign for Autumn/Winter is already here. Shot of course by Steven Meisel, starring models Zuzanna Bijoch, Daphne Groeneveld and Anais Pouliot, some really cute dogs and classic cars. Finally the most important : there is no Madonna in it! Thank God for that. I was starting getting sick of her.



New couturier :D

Giambattista Valli will show his first haute couture collection this July in Paris, part of the official Haute Couture Fashion Week.
Maybe couture isn't dying after all... Can't wait to see his first collection!


  The Resort Chanel show was as everything Karl Lagerfeld touches beautifull. The show was at Hotel du
Cap in Antibes at the French Riviera. Plus he accesorized his looks with real jewels, diamonds and pearls! Plus Kristen McMenamy with a bodysuit.I hope i'll have her body at that age!!

  Gosh, i have a really hard time chousing among the looks so here i give you justa taste but i recommend you see all 73 looks of the collection!!!


                                            The new film of Karl Lagerfeld. Must see that.!