I don't really have anything to say about those shoes! There perfect in my eyes, especially this last pair! Alain Quilici for David Koma. End of story.


Fashion People Necklaces

How freakin cool is that?!? I love them all! The artist made them with those colorfull little thingings we used to play with when we were young...(?). Please tell me the name of those. Maybe i have to start using them again... not bad. I think it's very creatice actually!


Fashion Miniatures

The photos are from an LV collaboration with the genius phographer Vincent Bousserez. There kinda quirky and playfull and unexpected cause well... it's LV and usually they like a more "adult" eye when it comes to their accessory line. Right? (it's where the money comes from people). Still, i can't help but smile everytime i see the photos. There is a special place in my heart for the one with the flowers, and the one with the glasses. Which one do you like??