LOVE covers

God i hate choosing covers, especially when it comes to LOVE magazine!!! But this time i think i prefer the second one, that's until the others come out of course. I know the desicion couldn't possibly be that easy!


"Back for a Walk of Confidence"

That's the photoshoot i did for the collection i designed, for my BA degree. I chose to create a collection inspired by the triangle and the circle and using handmade knit (which i did all by my myself) and leather. 
Hope you like it...!



       I don't really have anything to say about those shoes! There perfect in my eyes, especially this last pair! Alain Quilici for David Koma. End of story.


Fashion People Necklaces

How freakin cool is that?!? I love them all! The artist made them with those colorfull little thingings we used to play with when we were young...(?). Please tell me the name of those. Maybe i have to start using them again... not bad. I think it's very creatice actually!


Fashion Miniatures

The photos are from an LV collaboration with the genius phographer Vincent Bousserez. There kinda quirky and playfull and unexpected cause well... it's LV and usually they like a more "adult" eye when it comes to their accessory line. Right? (it's where the money comes from people). Still, i can't help but smile everytime i see the photos. There is a special place in my heart for the one with the flowers, and the one with the glasses. Which one do you like??


Mr. Margiela

1997. I found that in a fashion book. What do you think? Is it him or not??


W Korea

I love this editorial. It has everything i could wish for. Colored hair, pastels and the gorgeous LV collection. 


Anja in Dior Couture

   Anja Rubik poses in a wordrobe full of Dior Couture for the May issue of Vogue Japan. Shot by  Patrick Demarchelier and styled but the genius Anna dello Rousso.

I hadn't posted an editorial for a while now but since you probably see them all the time i couldn't really find a reason to post one! But i really buy the Japan Vogue, i don't really understand the language you see!! The people that do are really blessed in my opinion!! Mubbling again as always! Have a good day!