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Didn't post anything yesterday cause I was doing something all day and I can't really talk about it yet.

But today I had my first interview after I lost my job (friggin crisis), something one of my best friends didn't know about so I am waiting an angry phone call after she reads this post. Is was at a large group in Greece with many brands. It went well but you always get the feeling that they are not sure if they can trust you or not when you are 24.
I do think I can do this job and that's why I applied for it but I sure will have to learn some new things and probably remind myself of my rusty skills on illustrator, I used to be really quick and good actually.
The job is 50 minutes by car from were I live now and my boyfriend told me that he is willing to move closer to my job if we need too, so that's kind of great but we have to wait and see. It was actually weird that I had an interview this week with everything happening but my interviewer told me "Well yes I understand that and I myself think it's weird to even thing of hiring someone new in this situation but I do need someone for the position".  I am not positive nor negative, I now that he like me but I also now that I am not exactly what they are looking for since I don't have the experience the need. I hope they want to risk it, cause I now what I can do.

In other matters, Greek people are still having the time of our lives here.
Still not knowing what tomorrow may bring and still not knowing what "yes" or "no" may mean for our future. I mean we do need a real and honest answer on our questions and there no one willing to give them. Especially not our media. You only here the same everyday. And don't let me get started on what's going on on Facebook. You know how in the US they have rainbow profile pictures? In Greece we have "YES" "NO" as profile pictures, stating our political views. Everyone things that if someone states he will vote "YES" he is a rich person who doesn't have a care in the world. On the other hand "NO" is for the people who are more "liberal" and true proud Greeks who can not stand of someone else telling them what to do. Probably also someone they know has lost their job and is really struggling. That's mostly what people think of this two groups.

And before you make any assumptions, I haven't decided yet, cause I don't think it's all black and white. I still need some answers.

Off to my gym now (yes I am actually doing that today)


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