Piers Atkinson spring/summer 2011 collection


Pamela Love

New collaboration : Pamela Love works with Topshop and designs some wonderfull jewels inspired by native american and 1970's...  There are some really good pieces in there..!

Those are my favorite :)
"Everything I wear has always been a conversation starter. I think that's what fashion or style should be about- it should bring people closer together and less apart." 
-Marian Kihogo

Some inspiration for the day

  It's sunny outside here in Greece and althought i have a pretty good mood, i'm designing some clothes for school and my concept is good/bad and light/darkness, so my inspiration is kinda dark and goth... sorry if i have messed with your mood. Didn't ment to. :)


Nagi Noda


  Nagi Noda was a Japanese pop artist and director born in Tokyo. She died in September 7 2008, at age 35. I must admit i have never before heard of her till today. But now im obsessed. In the pictures above there are some hats/hair she has created. Love them :)


My favorite perfection.

        The one of a kind Riccardo Tisci took flight with a new obsession this season: Japan. Not the Japan of obis and geishas, he said, but the land of robot toys and the dancer Kazuo Ohno.One outfit required 2,000 hours of cutting and 4,000 hours of sewing. A single pair of trousers had 90 meters of plissé.  The extraordinary appliqué on a bolero that crossed a robot's face with a Catholic cross, or the organza that was laser-cut and appliquéd on layers of chiffon and tulle to create a three-dimensional spread of vermilion wings. One gown featured a Japanese crane, again appliquéd, that rose phoenixlike from a cloud of feathers. Massive bird's wings were folded across a sheer skirt. The Swarovski crystals and pearls that were crusted on the bodice of another dress began to pop like fish eyes as the dress moved. The craft was undeniable, though in the end, like Ohno's favorite dried flowers, the clothes lacked some of the rude life that Tisci stuffed into his recent menswear collection. I LOVE IT.


John Galliano, who was fired as creative director at Christian Dior following mounting allegations of racism and Antisemitism and a leaked video that showed the designer saying “I love Hitler,” has been ousted from his eponymous label, WWD is reporting.
The label, 91% of which is owned by Christian Dior SA, will continue to produce collections designed by the in-house team. According to WWD, pre-spring is already in the works. The paper also mentions that Dior has received several unsolicited offers to buy Galliano, but says that “it is understood a sale of the company is not an immediate priority, and no banks have been mandated to sell it, nor has financial data been made available to interested parties.”
If Galliano is acquired by one of these interested parties that WWD mentions, don’t be surprised if the new owners bring the designer back to his eponymous line.


Wow Decarnin is leaving Balmain, probably because of his health problems. sad :((



       It was a very theatrical show in which i loved the dancer in the beggining and in the end, Margarita Kostoglou. The hats were by Katerina Karousou, hair by VANG and make up by Achileas Xaritos. The whole show was dedicated to his mother.
       Dassios combines in his designs exquisite materials, ethnic applications and authentic fine craftsmanship. These aspects, in relation to premium quality techniques, modern dynamic materials and attention to detail, constitute the unique character of the dassios collections which are either one of a kind or limited edition ones. (from the press release)

OOOOO got to run for the next show! =]]] im already late!