Craving the sea

Hello hello, long time no see.
Sorry for the long silence but I actually started to do things.
Okay yes I did watch a lot of Mike and Molly, I do love them. But I did go to the gym every day for about 1-2 hours, which I have to confess is very good for my self esteem and I started making some patterns and I also started to sew a little bit.
Well to be honest I have this beach towel which has an other fabric on one side and everybody loves it, so my boyfriend had this idea that I should start making some, the only problem is that because I want to use only good materials it doesn't come very cheap. Well at least I am trying to do something and I do love the fact that I am working from home and doing my thing, I am telling you, it does feel really good.
I am also going to start making some clothes for myself and my friends for starters.

I don't have an answer from the company I told you about but I will since they I are going to send me an email even if the results are negative.

I haven't been to the beach a lot this summer, only twice, but next Saturday I am leaving for vacation with my boyfriend. We are going to Skopelos and Pilio for two weeks. I even changed my desktop for a beach photo from Skopelos. The sea is amazing and it's a really green island which i LOVE.

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