No one want's Dior.

Mr. Marc Jacobs turned down the job for Dior due to money and because he wanted to transfer his team from Vuitton to Dior. Actually most known designers have turned down Dior, probably because of lack of gratitude towards John Galliano. Maybe some new names like Jason Wu and Alexander Wang actually have a shot at this. The think that's killing me is that people at Dior seem to not realize that everyone now sees the label through Galliano's vision.

As read on fashionista.com

Plus someone stole $400K worth of LV merch outside Chares de Gaulle airport in Paris. Why the hell is everyone stealing from Marc Jacobs?!


Surprise! Versace x H&M again!

Versace x H&M is happening again! It's the summer edition and we will see in stores around February. As you see from the Marie Claire Uk photos everything is pretty much covered in tiny fruits.  




That's BIG news! A thieve stole some ready to wear and accessories of the Marc Jacobs spring 2012 collection! Well actually i heard that the entire collection got stolen which was really weird cause there were like 46 looks! And of course it turns out that Marc Jacobs has duplicates for absolutely everything!

Tomorrow is my birthday! 20 :P I'll make a post of all my gifts of course!



I think Kristen looks beautiful in this Vogue Italia editorial!!! It's probably the best she has ever done in my opinion! 

I'm really really sad today cause all the accessories i want from the H&M x Versace collaboration i want are only gonna be available only in some H&M stores, and that means that i'm probably not gonna find them :(


An icon died.

One great woman, muse, designer and a true icon passed away. She was only 63 years old.