MAC and Marni news

I have no idea why i haven't heard about this before since it's on the internet for quite a few days now, but here it is! Beth Ditto is collaborating with MAC. Well it wasn't really unexpected if you ask me. I mean, she has a really big personality and a great fashion sense just like other ladies who have MAC collaborations on theis bio (Daphne, Iris, Miss Piggy :P). Oh it will be available on June, and form the campaign i guess there will be some eyeliners, some pop fuchsia lipstick and well i don't know maybe also some blue eyeshadow (??)... just guessing..

Oh and that's an other foto from the Marni X H&M collab but i pretty sure it's not from the campaign. I love the shorts and the pink hair but i'm pretty sure i can't buy the hair... :(


LOVE new

A preview from the inside LOVE issue 7. They uploaded it on their facebook page 8 hours ago. It's a phot oby Mario Testino featuring Lara Stone and Kate Moss. I love LOVE and i really can't wait for the next issue. On sale February 6. 


Marni x H&M and Stella

That's a shot from the Marni x H&M collaboration, which i really really love!! Shot of course from Sofia Copolla!!!

And that's a shot from the new Stella McCartney s/s 2012 campaign which i also really like!! Mert and Marcus shot it (they actually shot many campaigns i think) and Stella chose Natalia Vodianova again. Can't blame here, she's gorgeous!!

Ok, i know i'm a really bad blogger this month but i warned you!! Tomorrow i must show you some books i bought, oh and i also got my style.com magazine (old news i know) and it's very good!! i subscribed for the new issues!


Akexander McQueen X Puma

There is a new collaboration on the way. Head designer of Alexander McQueen, Sarah Burton, has designed 2 pairs of woman shoes and i think 6 pairs of men shoes for the sports wear label Puma. 
Althought i'm always happy to here about new collaborations i actually don't like this one, from what i see.......  


Versace x H&M (again)


Too bad they did it again. I only liked the accesories the first time but in this one... nothing. I hate little fruits in clothes. I really like the ones Stella Mccartney did a few years back, you know the big ones, but this looks like clothes for kids. Sorry but i'm defintely not gonna buy anything. 

What do you think?


Loui Vuitton New Collab

Their newest collaboration is with the artist Yayoi Kusama and it's probably the best that has happened to the brand since th Stephen Sprouse collaboration! She is known for her red and white polka dots and since i'm falling in love with every polka dot that crosses my way i'm pretty escited about this. 
Of course were gonna see it in bags and luggagesbut also in jewelry. I'm sure i'm not gonna be able to afford any of this if i also want to feed myself but it's nice to look at. 
You would find it at stores from July. Send me pictures :)


Mr. Dre and Mr. Oscar

Sorry for the absense i was visiting relatives in Germany and i also have my school exams coming up so it's kind of stressfull over here! 

My wishlist was really BIG this christmas and on top of my list were the Isabel Marant sneakers which of course are too expensive for my budget.! On my wishlist were also a pair of headphones although i haven't found a pair i loved. 
But those came in my mail box an hour ago and i fell in love from the first sight! 
That was till i saw the price. 695$. 695$. 695$. 
Mr. Dr. Dre and mr. Oscar de la Renta thank you for this beautifull (unexpected) collaboration but if i had 695$ to spend right now i would probably be walking down the street in my new Isabel Marant sneakers by now (no i'm not gonna get over them soon sorry).
Now i'm going to bed to cry for an hour. Thank you again Mr. Dr.Dre and Mr. Oscar. 

(an idea just popped and don't judge me by it! i'm feeling pretty hopeless right now. i could go buy some cheap headphones and some fur... oh god. forget it)