Cycling in Fashion

                 You know how Catherine Baba always takes her bike to go everywhere, especially paris fashion week? Well, i love that. It's so effortlessly chic. And i bet you can't deny either that it looks pretty damn good!! Found some photos from editorials and streetstyle. Who knows? maybe you will get insired and go to work/school cycling with your bicycle tomorrow. I know i sure will be!! And seriously i can't help to fall in love with Hanneli's way in this photo! Skin tight leather skirt and Acne platforms. Perfection. Style over comfort. (please excuse the quantity, i could not help myself)



Simone Rocha Plastic Shoes

I've always been a fun of Simone Rocha designs but this time she punched me hard. I fell in love at the first site of those cheetah print creepers. And they are all so special! I have to have every single one of them, oh and all of the clothes in the collection of course. I could were them while flying over paris. That would probably be the best dream of the year.. But it would probably remain just a dream (shitshitshit). Does anyone leave in paris and want's a visitor??! We could also rob Simone Rocha's studio. I promise i will (not) share. 

Also found at www.knighttcat.com those awsome Vans designed by Kimberly Gordon. Love Them.


AXDW day 1 found(!!)

Everything ZARA.

I found it!!!Day 3 would probably be impossible to find so i'm just gonna post photos of the clothes. I have to change how i pose in photos! Gosh it's terrible! But i get destructed and i really don't know were to put my hands and if i should smile or not, so... yeah your understand i'm a PhotoMonster/ PhotoFreak. Very very bad! The other girl is on of my very close friends Anna, she is the designer of INSANNE and she made the shoes she's wearing! She isactually really good at it! And very passionate with what she does, which is something i love in people, and i really think that when you're passionate you're gonna make it!!! 

P.S  If someone want's to order a pair send me a message or leave a comment below!!

Outfit Post AXDW

ZARA shirt and bag, Alexander Wang shorts, h&m necklace, tights from Topshop and.... shoes by INSANNE.

This photo was taken by www.fashionfreaks.gr at the 11th Athens Xclusive Designers Week. It was actually the second day but i can't find the video from my first outfit. And i also can't really find a reason why my face looks like crap alla the time in photos!! Excuse my french! 

So... the missing daughter has returned and has many things to say! Sorry for missing so long but i really didn't even had the time to eat. Today is actually the Fashion Room Service but i don't know if my legs can handle it!!