Crazy people all around

Last night I accidentally put my phone on silent so my goal to wake u early.... well just I will just say it didn't happen! Oh, I didn't put my alarm because well... my friends always send me morning messages and I use them as an alarm as well!! Don't judge, it's very useful.

Then I had breakfast and wanted to go out and maybe buy a book. Then I found out I had one i haven't had the chance to read yet so i started it today and it is really uplifting and romantic. It's called Three Amazing Things About You by Jill Mansell. It's really really good so I was trying to resist the urge to sit home all day long read and listen to Ed Sheeran who want's me to give him some love. 

I didn't do it though and I am proud (small victory). I had to do something for my mother. My mother has a small restaurant called Petra's in down town Athens and after 2 years of running the restaurant and cooking someone from the government showed up and asked for some papers she didn't have (because she didn't know she ought to have of course, very common here). So she is supposed to so to a seminar but it was at 2 o clock, the worst hour of the day for her to leave the restaurant. I had to go to the seminar and asked for her to be excused. I have to go again on Friday and take the books she has to study to give the exam (if the exam actually happens of course, an other common thing). And of course i had to pay for the seminar. 
Anyway i had to walk 5.6 kmh total, so that was really good since I still can't convince myself to go to the gym. Then I had an ice cream with my best friend... But I walked! (No idea why but I feel the need to eat something sweet every day, I have to stop that somehow)

Go to the gym. That's an other thing I have to start doing again. It's weird. As I told you yesterday I don't really have the motivation to do many thing. I used to go to the gym a lot. I love working out, it makes me feel better about myself. 

Ok that's something I will do tomorrow. I promise you that I will go to the gym. Fingers crossed. 

In USA all they speak about is Kim Kardashian's new baby and here all you here all day long is if we will stay at the EU or not. Actually if we are going to still Euro as our coin after this Sunday. I had to use the metro today and I actually heard a fight between a young who was against Euro and an old one who was pro Euro. Yes this happened. People are going a little bit crazy this days in Greece. There is a strong uncertainty in the air. 

Anyway. This blog is kind of my way out of all of this.

See you tommorow,


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