Trying to get through reality

Ok this is it. I am changing some things. This blog used to be about fashion and don't get me wrong I am still very much into it. The reason I didn't update so much was because i started it when I was still studying for my degree and although that was hard, working in fashion was of course taking up all of my time.
I worked at an atelier for a little bit more that a year, which I loved but after that i wanted to try something else. So i started working for a website as a fashion editor. That was cool for a little bit and will love doing that again but with a little bit more freedom. I mean not someone else telling me exactly what to put on my article. What's the point in that right?
After that i worked for a very famous Greek Stylist and later on a greek fashion company which realised after a few months that they couldn't support my salary. So they fired me.

Here I am now reading books all day long, movies, tv shows and trying to get out of bed every morning. Because when you don't have any obligations for the day, believe me when I say you feel that there is no reason to get up and live.

Trying to find a job in the fashion industry was always very difficult, but try finding one in this economic crisis is just impossible.

So to keep me a little bit motivated I am going to use you as my therapy.

I always had a thing for trying new recipes, which of course I found on Pinterest. I am going to post here some that i have found were good because as you know there are many recipes for exactly the same thing. God (and my boyfriend) only knows how many Cinnabon recipes i have tried.

Oh! In the picture it's me and my two best friends, the middle one has just graduated and the short one (sorry) just got married, i was her maid of honor, or as we say koumpara in Greece. These two help me a lot and they keep trying to motivate me. So they deserve being in the photo :)

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