Mr. Dre and Mr. Oscar

Sorry for the absense i was visiting relatives in Germany and i also have my school exams coming up so it's kind of stressfull over here! 

My wishlist was really BIG this christmas and on top of my list were the Isabel Marant sneakers which of course are too expensive for my budget.! On my wishlist were also a pair of headphones although i haven't found a pair i loved. 
But those came in my mail box an hour ago and i fell in love from the first sight! 
That was till i saw the price. 695$. 695$. 695$. 
Mr. Dr. Dre and mr. Oscar de la Renta thank you for this beautifull (unexpected) collaboration but if i had 695$ to spend right now i would probably be walking down the street in my new Isabel Marant sneakers by now (no i'm not gonna get over them soon sorry).
Now i'm going to bed to cry for an hour. Thank you again Mr. Dr.Dre and Mr. Oscar. 

(an idea just popped and don't judge me by it! i'm feeling pretty hopeless right now. i could go buy some cheap headphones and some fur... oh god. forget it)

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  1. Mou aresoun poli! Ta vrisko trela xaritomena! Me prolaves...skopeua na ta anartiso k ego sto blog mou! Filia!:P