Gareth Pugh and MAC cosmetics!

“With a collection that goes from strong, deep and mysterious to light, fragile, and ethereal, I think we’ve created a truly versatile collection that hopefully you’ll be inspired by and want to wear.” Gareth Pugh said in a release. And based on the individual pieces and the beauty look, I definitely want to wear it.
It’s a pretty full collection, and includes cream shadows, LipGlass, lipsticks, powder, liners, fake lashes, and even a makeup bag. The designer was inspired by everything from a hematite rock to butterfly wings. And those angular lashes are the result of him snipping away at a bunch of fake lashes that MAC sent him with the goal of making them non-lash-shaped. And while all of the packaging still has the signature MAC black sheen, it’s done in a much heavier material with a geometric “X” in the center.

If you’re in North America, you can get the collection starting November 23, and internationally in December. Prices range from $15 for mascara to $75 for the makeup bag (which i really really like!)

Unfortunately I have to wait.


  1. poli oraies apoxroseis!pisteuo aksizei i anamoni!kalimera...:D

  2. kalimera! nai nomizw einai polu wraia ta xrwmata! bes www.maccosmetics.com na deis k thn xristougeniatiki sullogh pou exei episis polu wraia pragmata! sto telos 8a me valoun mesa gia oikonomika egklimata :P