T by Alexander Wang 2012 resort collection

I'm one of the biggest fans of the recently awarded Alexander Wang. Unfortunately i don't own anything that he has designed :( I absolutely love his accessorize and bags but also his effortlessly clothes! Seriously you can wear them everywhere! His new resort collection for 2012 is out and i just can help myself again...but just wait... i will lay my hands on something he has designed hopefully soon..  Oh those hoodies! 
bye bye 


  1. mou aresoun poli ta xromata tis protis photo!!!k to mple electric stin teleutaia!!!i love the models!!!kisses!!!

  2. ωραία, πολύ ωραία σχέδια αλλά είναι πανάκριβα του άτιμου!!btw κι εγώ έχω κάνει σχέδιο μόδας στον ΑΚΤΟ (τελειωσα πριν 2 χρόνια) κ έχω πάει κ στο St Martins για summer course! είναι σούπερ! βέβαια εγώ πιο πολύ ως hobby ασχολούμαι!